What Our Clients Say

"I have been using American Physician for all of Destin Vein Center’s billing for over 10 years, and I have been extremely satisfied with all aspects of their service. They stay extremely up-to-date on the correct billing procedures specific for Phlebology, and they do a great job communicating with me when I have questions. This allows me to focus on medicine and not paperwork. I highly recommend this company, and I urge others looking for a full-service professional billing company specializing in Phlebology to do the same."
"We have been clients of American Physician Financial Solutions for over a year and a half. We have had nothing short of a very positive relationship with them. Every employee there has and continues to treat us with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. Their billing is timely and accurate. Our phone calls and emails are responded to very quickly and any answers they give us have been highly accurate. We give them 5 stars in all categories: personnel, attitude, accuracy, timeliness, and results. We cannot recommend this company enough!"
"Our company’s best business move was switching to APFS for our billing services. Our phlebology practice was losing money right and left due to a bad biller – they were filing many claims incorrectly or incompletely, and oftentimes just skipped submitting claims altogether. Since we switched to APFS, ALL our claims are being billed, everything is correct and complete, and communication is top notch.  We’re collecting all the reimbursements we are due, and we operate our business with confidence, knowing that APFS has our company’s best interests in mind. We couldn’t ask for a better business partner than APFS!"
"I have worked with APFS for many years. Simply stated: 'if you're in the vein business and not using them, you're making a mistake.'"
"You all have been amazing to work with! Moving over from Brand X where we had to maintain a constant vigil on their work, this has been a piece of cake. You and Angie have been so easy to work with and your attitude is always positive. It has been a joy and pleasure working with you. Thank you for your diligent work on our account. I really appreciate it."
"The staff at APFS is a tremendous asset to our business. Their depth of knowledge about insurance and physician reimbursement is the best in the industry. I could not imagine running my practice without their help. To sum it up, I could not be more satisfied with the work AJ and his team have done for my business."
"I have utilized APFS billing for many years. Their service has been excellent and professional. I appreciate their helpfulness with difficult billing issues. The savings in time and aggravation has been tremendous. Our consultant S.C. has been a pleasure to work with and really helped us to grow our vein practice. I sincerely cannot imagine going to work each day without knowing I have APFS on my team."
"My practice has been with APBS for the last 8 yrs. They have helped streamline reimbursement and maximize our revenue. They are simply the best. Highly recommended this company."
"We are very satisfied with the service from APFS Billing. The staff is very knowledgeable, and works hard to get problems resolved. The billing is timely and efficient. After having been with another billing service, we are certainly happy we made the switch!  Highly recommend!"
I reached out to AJ and his team after a bad experience with another billing company.  My days in AR had stretched out to 70+ days and it was so hard to pay bills and keep my office running smoothly.  We had old claims that were just sitting there and not getting followed up on.  Once AJ and Stephen got their hands on my account, my entire practice changed.  Within three months, they got my days in AR down below 30 days.  I now have cash flow that allows me to make plans and there are no dusty claims left!  AJ and Stephen are experts at what they do and they offer tons of advice on how to run your practice.  I would highly recommend their team to anyone with a vein practice.
'We continue to be so happy that we moved our business to your company​."
"I cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind and the sense of trust that you have returned to us! Thank you so much for all you do!"
"After several months of working with AJ we have not encountered one single instance of rejection of claims for our patients and the billing process is under his total control leaving us with what we want to do, to take good care of our patients and leave the hassles of managed care in the hands of a true expert in this field. I could not recommend AJ and everyone at APFS more wholeheartedly."
"AJ and his team has made the transition to insurance work successful and has help to minimize most of the new hassles. If you consider them for boosting your practice, I am sure you will be delighted with their results."
"Working with AJ and his team is probably smartest business decision I made in starting up my practice."
"Switching to APFS has led to an increase in collections and patient satisfaction with my billing. They are knowledgeable to the unique intricacies associated with billing vein work."